We are a small business enterprise  that came to fruition four years ago. It all started with the goal to improve our health by cleaning our bodies from the inside out. We started with whole food nutrition, and various natural approaches to healing our bodies. One of our main issues was our daughters reaction to the products we thought were safe for us to use on her skin. When we researched the many ingredients in most of the products found on the grocery shelves in most stores today we realized we needed a change. Researching the commercial ingredients proved to us how caustic commercial skin care products are on the skin and our bodies as a whole. Since the skin is our largest organ and everything that is applied to the skin is absorbed into our bodies, it is imperative that we nourish it with high quality ingredients that will benefit our overall health. My husband was a little bit apprehensive but he supported me in making the changes I so diligently researched. But in the end, I persevered and now, he is the main creator of the products we offer (with a little guidance from me of course). It’s amazing the effect in my daughters skin since using the products we have formulated. Her eczema is gone. She is not dealing with skin issues of any kind. The rest of our family has benefited also. Acne issues are resolved, dry cracked lips are nonexistent, no more razor burn after shaving, dry chapped and cracked hands are not a problem in the winter, we don’t worry about getting sunburned in the summer, and we know that our bodies are able to eliminate the toxins that they have been exposed to everyday and over the years. We know there isn’t anything prohibiting our lymph system from filtering out the exposure and build up of toxins. In addition, we have many customers, family, and friends that use our products for the healing of their skin. They also enjoy the quality of oils that come together to produce our exceptional products. Nature has a way of talking to us everyday. We have taken the time to listen and have responded appropriately. Our intent is to continually create new items and empower people to take control of their health and well-being. Nutrition is paramount but skin care is also essential. Our skin reflects the quality of our health within. When you are experiencing a skin issue it is best to view it as an alarm that is sounding to let you know something deeper could be wrong. Suppressing the alarm with a chemical cream just to make it go away does not heal your body. In fact it often times causes an alarm somewhere else to sound. Just read the list of side effects on the cream or salve that was prescribed for you. It’s a road map to your next illness. Needless to say suppression is not the best approach. If you can assist your body in working through the healing process you will be ahead of the game. Our products are formulated to therapeutically help you target the health issues you have on your skin. Healing takes time and our products will help to give your body what it needs to heal itself. We listen to constructive criticism and make changes when necessary to improve on our products. So, feel free to fire away with any input you may have for us. Thanks for visiting our site and thank you in advance for purchasing from us as well. We look forward to developing a relationship with many of our customers.


                                                            Jocelyn Fox