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Laurel Mountain Soap

Orange Spice Goat Milk and Honey Soap

Orange Spice Goat Milk and Honey Soap

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Goat Milk and Honey Orange Spice! Enjoy the warm spices of Cinnamon, Clove, and Nutmeg topped off with the sweetness of Tangerine. This soap is sure to get you into the holiday season. In addition, our Goat Milk soothes the dry winter skin and helps to moisturize the itchies away. Furthermore, the essential oil combinations in this soap boost it's antibacterial properties. Therefore, less germs for the holiday season and less sickness to boot. Enjoy this warming scent and therapeutic approach to soothing the skin and senses. Finally, follow up using our Citrus Body Butter for an extra moisturizing benefit! Your can be sure your body and your senses will thank you.

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