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Laurel Mountain Soap

Lavender and All Things Calming collection

Lavender and All Things Calming collection

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Our Lavender and All Things Calming Collection contains specifically chosen products to bring about peace and tranquility. Each product contributes to a specific body part while also attending to the mental aspect of peace and calm. Let's start our day with the Goats Milk and Honey Lavender Soap. While cleansing your face and body you are nourishing your skin with a premium blend of oils, goats milk, honey, and lavender essential oil. Aromatically you are providing your mind with a calm and relaxed approach to the day. Next apply the Lavender Floral Deodorant to ensure safe effective odor protection for the day. After that, use your Lavender Lotion Bar to moisturize and soothe any dry or chapped skin areas. Whatever you are facing for the day your can apply your free 5ml Anxiety Relief Roller Bottle Blend over your heart and pulse points to help you face your day with calm and confidence. Put your Anxiety Relief Roller Bottle in your pocket and apply it as needed in any stressful situation. Next, to finish your day, take a soothing bath with our Lavender Ylang, Ylang Bath Bomb. Allow the aromatic essential oils of Lavender and Ylang, Ylang to melt away the stress from your day. In addition,  the epsom salts will relax your tired achy muscles and joints. The avocado oil will deeply nourish your skin and leave it smooth and soft. Once again, use your Lavender Goat Milk Soap to wash away the stress and dirt of the day. After your relaxing bath, apply your lotion bar for deep soothing nourishment for your skin. Finally, roll on your Anxiety Relief Roller Bottle  Blend to relax into a soothing night sleep.

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