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Laurel Mountain Soap

Lavender Dream Shower Fizzies

Lavender Dream Shower Fizzies

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Calm your mind and soothe your spirit with these Lavender Dream Shower Fizzies. These are perfect for the relaxing evening or before bedtime shower. The Essential Oils of Lavender and Ylang, Ylang help to calm the thoughts and bring about peaceful sleep. Do you have an energetic or fussy child that seems to never calm down before bed? Try a Lavender Dream Shower Fizzy. Do you have persistent racing thoughts that make it difficult to get to sleep? Try a Lavender Dream Shower Fizzy. Are you experiencing mood swings or hormonal imbalances? Try a Lavender Dream Shower Fizzy. Lavender is an excellent help to calming emotions and soothing the thoughts as well as relaxing the whole body. Ylang, Ylang helps bring homeostasis to the body and endocrine system.

The endocrine system generates hormones. So if your hormones are out of whack this blend of Essential Oils might be able to assist you in reaching a more balanced state of being. If you prefer baths more than Showers then check out our Lavender Ylang, Ylang Bath Bomb. It is a whole body luxurious experience. Finally, finish your shower or bath routine with our Lavender Body Butter or Lotion Bar to lock in moisture and further soothe your skin.


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