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Laurel Mountain Soap

Outdoors Essentials Collection

Outdoors Essentials Collection

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Say "Hello!" to the great outdoors with our Outdoors Essentials Collection. This basket of goodies contains everything you need for any outdoor adventure. From sun protection to bug defense and after care we've got you covered. Whether you're at the beach, in the woods, picnicking with friends, or gardening everything you need is right here. This is the perfect gift for the outdoors enthusiast or for someone who is going on a vacation.

This basket contains one of each of these products:

Buggerator- yours and your pets defense against outdoors pests.

All Natural Bug Bite Stick enhanced with Echinacea and Plantain to soothe your skin from any itching bites that may have penetrated your defenses.

Goat Milk and Honey Jewelweed Soap to wash away the poisonous oils from poison ivy/sumac/oak.

Jewelweed Salve enhanced with jewelweed, plantain, and echinacea to attend to poison ivy/sumac/oak rash or basically any itching rash that might appear.

Goat Milk and Honey Pine Tar Soap to soothe irritated sore or itching skin.

Sun Guard is your natural sun protection for your skin outdoors. It's also a wonderful healing lotion for rashes including diaper rash, eczema and bed sores.

After Sun Cooling Spray to cool and moisturize your skin after a long hot day in the sun. It's also wonderful for soothing the sting caused by sunburn.

Lip Balm because everyone needs to protect their lips and the peppermint lip balm is cooling and can help protect your lips from the sun and dry air.

Peppermint body butter for overall moisturization and to cool the skin during these hot summer months. Peppermint body butter is wonderful after every shower or shave. It's long lasting nourishment makes it a once a day application for all over body moisturization.

Everything we make is all natural and of the highest quality ingredients. We handcraft all of our products in small batches so that great quality control is maintained. We are committed to bring you nature's best in every bar, soap, salve, balm, spritz, lotion, and butter.

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