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Laurel Mountain Soap

Rustic Pine Tar Goat Milk and Honey Soap

Rustic Pine Tar Goat Milk and Honey Soap

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Our Rustic Goat Milk and Honey Pine Tar Soap is a soothing, therapeutic, healing bar. It is excellent for addressing the discomfort and inflammation on the skin. Pine Tar is a dark liquid tar taken from pine trees. When combined with Goat Milk and Honey it's therapeutic properties increase exponentially. Pine Tar has been used for decades to soothe and help heal rashes from psoriasis, and eczema. It is also helps to soothe and heal inflammatory rashes caused by poison ivy, poison sumac, insect bites, and sunburn.

Dry, rough, itchy, sore skin can all be helped with this therapeutic bar of soap and the proprietary blend of oils and and butters that we have included in this recipe. The healthy fatty acids and antioxidants in cocoa butter are perfect for calming skin inflammation from rashes such as eczema and psoriasis. Shea Butter has fatty acids that help to increase elasticity and skin tone. Castor oil helps to create incredible lather and it draws moisture into the skin so that it will be smooth. Avocado oil contains oleic acid which gives it conditioning properties. As in all our soaps, Goat Milk helps to remove dead skin cells and replenishes the skins vitamin A levels, This helps to repair damaged skin tissue. Finally, Honey is a wonderful natural humectant that draws moisture into the skin. Honey also contains antioxidants that are excellent for skin health, healing, and repair.

Last but not least, we use the essential oils of Lavender, Tea Tree, and Eucalyptus to help soothe and refresh your skin. Both Lavender and Tea Tree are very gentle on irritated and inflamed skin. In addition to Eucalyptus essential oil this trio of oils is antibacterial, and anti-fungal. They help to give the soap a fresh clean woodsy pine scent. This is quickly becoming one of our personal favorite soaps!

Love your skin and take care of your body. It's the only one you get. To further your skin healing routine use our All Natural Blend or Lavender Body Butter and Try our Baking Soda "Free" Deodorant.

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Customer Reviews

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Catherine Suess

My Sister bought a bar for me at an event she attended. I've used a very old-time prescription pine tar salve for my psoriasis & eczema for years. This soap is delightfully soothing to any skin upset & honestly has helped the severe dryness & aided in keeping the psoriasis under control. I love & highly recommend this soap! God bless!

Thank you for your review! We just formulated a Pine Tar Salve that is wonderful also. You might want to check it out under the Therapeutic Salves menu.

Great for dry flaky skin!

I live in an area of low humidity and have dry skin as a result. Since using the pine tar and goat milk soap my skin is not flaking all the time and I love the smell!

That's wonderful! Thank you for telling us. We now have a fantastic Pine Tar Salve that is soothing for those kinds of skin issues.

Perfect for removing make-up

I purchased this bar for the beneficial ingredients, and found other uses for it as well! In addition to the lovely earthy scent, this can also be used as the perfect make-up remover! Although not specified on the website, I have found it to be the best facial cleanser I have ever used. My skin is looking awesome, and it doesn’t sting my eyes either, so I even take my mascara off with it. Love it & I am buying more!

I agree! I use it for make-up removal too. Thank you for letting me know!

It helps

I read about pine tar and how it was used by native people to help with skin conditions so I decided to give this soap a try. I am so glad I did. I get terrible psoriasis on my body and this soap actually helps. I just wanted to send my thanks.

That's wonderful! Check out our Pine Tar Salve. It's a really great help for that condition.