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Shampoo Bars Goat Milk and Honey Soap

Shampoo Bars Goat Milk and Honey Soap

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Each of our Shampoo Bars are specially formulated to work with your hair. From all purpose to Oily or Dry and Frizzy we have an option for you. There are absolutely no chemicals, preservatives, or toxic additives of any kind in these bars or any of our other products for that matter. Our Blue and White All Purpose Bar contains Nettle Powder to maintain a healthy balance of oils for your hair and scalp. Our Green and White for Oily Hair Bar Contains a wonderful combination of butters and oils including Neem Oil to help regulate excess oil production on the scalp. Our Pink and White for Dry and Frizzy Hair Bar is formulated with Hemp Oil to help rehydrate the hair and help smooth the cuticle. In addition to the unique  butters and oils formulated for each recipe the essential oil combinations chosen for each bar are also beneficial for each specific recipe. All soaps are sold as individual bars. Follow with a vinegar rinse.



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Customer Reviews

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I use the oily hair bar. It is fantastic! I have sensitive skin, am tender headed, and have thin, fine hair. After I use the shampoo bar, I follow it up with a diluted ACV rinse. My hair feels amazing. My hair breakage has reduced along with my irritated scalp. I no longer have to use an extra conditioner to comb my hair when it's wet. I highly recommend this product.

Thank you for sharing! Have a fantastic day!

Dreamy smell🥰

Got my all purpose shampoo bar in the mail today and although I haven't been able to use it myself yet, I did wash my babies hair with it this afternoon and I can not stop smelling his hair!😆 I hate smelling products that contain "fragrance". It feels so good to be able to smell a natural fragrance that smells absolutely amazing and to know that I'm not putting toxic chemicals on my babies skin!

I’m so happy you like the shampoo bar! There’s definitely nothing better than knowing your giving your baby the best.

Best Shampoo Ever!!!

I love this bar shampoo!

Wonderful! Thank you for letting us know!

Excellent Shampoo Bar

This shampoo bar has it all. Great fragrance, lather and leaves my graying hair soft and silky, just love it!